Alaska Airlines A321-200N


For the FSX AI Bureau Airbus A321neo CFML Model





17 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines A321-200N

  1. Hi Kyle, I noticed the More to Love jets use the LiveTV dome (or one that’s much flatter), is it that the FAIB A32X doesn’t model that particular dome and/or place it on that spot on the fuselage?

  2. Hi Kyle,

    I was investigating very careful. I caught my eye see in my DXTBMP far left bottom corner It shows without “LEAP” I found WOW Air from other author has LEAP texture. All your Alaska have no leap on texture. It does not work show up all grey texture after I investigated. I caught it. You choose the wrong model for the leap is required. Sorry about your lost work time start it over again. Thanks for the hard work your repaintings.



    1. I’m not sure what you’re seeing but everything corresponds and is correct in the fltsim.txt. It must be something you’re doing wrong on you’re end as these paints are proven to work fine in P3D.

  3. Kyle,

    I did check all fltsim and CFML_S are corrected. I see Azore and Wow AIr are include logo shows “LEAP” in the DXTBMP. All your Alaska have no logo “LEAP” in the bottom left corner in FS2004 not DDS. Your DDS should be top left corner. no LEAP logo. Go look JB website WowAir and open DXTBMP you look this.



  4. Kyle, My CFML-S are both Azores and Wow Air are perfect working because it has LEAP logo. My AI Aircraft Editor see Azores and Wowo Air and all your Alaska shows all back and white boxes it’s failed. I know I can see LEAP logo are missing all in Alaska textures. I don’t know what I do with your textures.

    1. Not sure. I don’t use that program so I don’t know what to tell you, maybe something went wrong the in the conversion to 1024 BMP. That said, it’s probably not because it doesn’t have the LEAP logo on an unmapped part of the base texture.

  5. Kyle, Please email me my gmail and I’ll send you attachment screenshot compare Wow Air and Alaska textures are alike.



  6. I opened DDS without conversion and I see without LEAP.

    I did conversion Azores from DDS to FS9. Without a problem.


  7. Kyle,

    My BIG apologies! Guess what? I found out that my stupid computer copy and paste it’s hard to see with (.) dot. I copy and paste FAIB_A321_CFML_T..bmp There were double dots. I was conversion copied to put all bmp from dds. That’s why my fault. LOL! Dang! All is working now show up AI Aircraft Editor screenshot is fine. It’s hard to see and tell type. All is fine for now Have a great weekend!


  8. Hi again Kyle, appreciate the new 928 ship!

    Just needed to copypaste a lightmap from one of the other paints so that the windows/moodlightmap match, as the 928 texture folder didn’t include one.

    Speaking of the moodlighting…amongst a range of changes on the Airbus fleet that went into effect at the beginning of August, they stopped using Virgin’s purple/pink moodlights and went with a harsher blue:

    Just a minor detail, you don’t need to go through all the moodlit lightmaps to make them blue or anything like that. Thanks again!

  9. Awesome repaints Kyle! Thank you for also doing this in FS9 for those of us stuck in the legacy flight sim 🙂

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