Alaska Horizon/Skywest Embraer E175 Fleet

For the Raven AI Embraer E175 Rev 3 Model

2 thoughts on “Alaska Horizon/Skywest Embraer E175 Fleet

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I discovered that I spotted at KPDX to create my scenery I noticed grey texture. I investigated. I found Retro one of the E175 Horizon Retro typo in the filename error. Somehow double space underline should have one underline. it is : RAI_E175_T.bmp not RAI_E175__T.bmp. Please updated filename some some users know how to edit to off one underline to delete.



  2. My bad, I looked I did myself modify name edited from RFSL_E175 to RAI_E175. I did error typed. Not you. Sorry confused. It worked to RAI model from RFSL model is the same as all textures. Good day..

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